[Blog] Introducing the Pivot3 Acuity Hyperconverged Software Platform

April 25, 2017 Sam Chapman


Today we announced Pivot3 Acuity, our latest hyperconverged software platform that will transform the way businesses deploy hyperconverged infrastructure in the enterprise datacenter. As the first and only policy-based, priority-aware and performance-architected HCI solution available on the market, this product features advanced policy-based management to simply and predictably run multiple enterprise workloads with optimal performance. Acuity will change our industry as we know it.

The first generations of hyperconverged systems were used for single applications (limited or secondary workloads) – supporting mid-market solutions such as VDI, and ROBO. As the market entered a new phase, customers – including large enterprises – wanted to run more workloads on their HCI systems, but this workload density brought a higher risk of resource contention and existing solutions could not consistently deliver adequate performance requirements. Hyperconvergence needed to evolve.

Pivot3 Acuity is the first HCI software platform with the performance and features that allow a large enterprise datacenter to run its critical business applications on a single infrastructure, significantly expanding what customers can do with hyperconverged technology.

According to a recent report by IDC, “For hyperconverged solutions to thrive during this next phase of hyperconverged adoption, they must consistently deliver sub-millisecond response times and support hundreds of thousands to millions of IOPS. This is creating the need for a mature, quality of service (QoS) engine to address “noisy neighbor” issues and ensure that performance can be consistently delivered as required, no matter what else is going on in the system.”

Pivot3’s fifth-generation quality of service (QoS) engine enables IT to confidently consolidate multiple mixed workloads on a single infrastructure and deliver guaranteed, predictable application performance. Simple, pre-defined policies ensure IOPs, throughput, latency and data protection are all easily applied and managed. Through automated resource prioritization, mission-critical applications take performance priority during times of resource contention and real-time data management ensures the performance targets are automatically sustained, giving IT the confidence to guarantee service delivery for existing and newly deployed workloads.

Acuity is architected for performance, fully leveraging the acceleration of ultra-low-latency NVMe PCIe flash. With NVMe PCIe flash data path performance, under control of Pivot3’s advanced policy-based Quality of Service (QoS) engine, organizations can consolidate performance- and latency-sensitive applications onto HCI with flash that is 450-percent faster than SATA SSD and 119-percent faster than SAS SSD. This unprecedented level of innovation and performance in a HCI software platform will benefit organizations across verticals and change the way they approach datacenter modernization.

Read the press release to learn more or visit http://pivot3.com/acuity/ to discover the possibilities of next generation hyperconvergence.

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