MIPS 2018 Barcelona – I’m glad I didn’t “MIPS” it!

February 12, 2018 Sam Chapman

Recently, I was able to spend some time at the Milestone MIPS show in Barcelona where Pivot3 was a Platinum Sponsor.  Milestone is a leading Video Management Software (VMS) vendor that we’ve had a long a successful relationship with, working jointly with several thousand customers around the world.  This year’s MIPS conference was in Barcelona, an historical and vibrant city in Spain.

The primary theme of the MIPS conference was “Creating an Intelligent World”, and I sat down with Curt Wittich, Pivot3’s Senior Vice President of Surveillance Sales and Frankie Di Martino, Pivot3’s Surveillance Alliances Director to talk about what this meant to them, the Pivot3 and Milestone collaboration and where they feel that the surveillance market is moving over the next few years.

Mike Beevor (MB) – Frankie, Curt, Thanks for taking the time to sit down with me at MIPS – first off, perhaps you can tell me why Pivot3 has chosen to be a Platinum Sponsor here?

Frankie Di Martino (FDM) – Milestone is a key VMS vendor in the Pivot3 ecosystem, they’re seen as the broadest reaching and most open VMS platform in the market, working with many leading analytics vendors, and of course, if you’re aiming to run high-end video and analytics, there’s no better platform than Pivot3 and no more integrate-able VMS than Milestone.  It just makes a lot of sense to build those platforms together.

Curt Wittich (CW) – Over the last seven years that I’ve been with Pivot3, Milestone has been a consistently strong partner for us in the surveillance business.  Some of our biggest customers take advantage of Milestone’s VMS and with analytics becoming more popular, now is the perfect time to strengthen our relationship and collaboration with Milestone.  There’s a large shopping mall in Dubai that uses a host of demographic analytics for customers alongside Pivot3 to ensure the best possible experience for their visitors.

MB – Curt, it’s interesting that you mention analytics becoming more popular – I have a couple of questions around that…  What type of analytics are you seeing?  Are we really into the whole “Big Brother Scenario”?  And what is Milestone’s approach to analytics in their solutions?

CW – Well, in terms of the type of analytics – it can be just about anything from smart anomaly detection, to thermal signatures and right through to detailed facial recognition, it really depends on the industry sector that you’re working inSome of Pivot3’s analytic partners are here too, Herta do a great facial recognition technology and Briefcam have a technology that allows you to search hours of footage in a very short space of time.  We’re not quite at Big Brother just yet, but there is a definite drive to create a more intelligent solution for businesses, operators and chief security officers.

FDM – I was speaking with Kenneth Hune Petersen (The CSO at Milestone) about this, and analytics is a key part of Milestone’s strategy, but not through building analytics directly into XProtect.  Milestone are creating an open and easy to integrate VMS platform and working with a broad ecosystem of partners – The broader and more accessible they are to integrated technologies such as analytics, the more value they are able to provide to their customers and then create a more complete security solution.  It’s a novel approach, since most VMS vendors concentrate on trying to build in the features that customers are asking for.  I think it’s going to be hugely successful, and Pivot3 will be at the forefront of the infrastructure piece of this strategy.

MB – So given the role intelligence inevitably will come to play, how will Pivot3 really take advantage of this?

FDM – Well, the product development that Pivot3 is doing is driving towards creating a more integrated and joined up solution.  We’re investigating and working with technologies like HyTrust, that can provide encryption and forensic log monitoring with minimal overhead and we’re working on hardware platforms that have greater integration with Nvidia GPU cards, to allow server-side performance offloads for those analytic engines.  Both of those things combined with a VMS like Milestone will give customers a complete security solution capable of meeting even the most demanding regulations and compliance.

CW – Absolutely, and when you add the benefit of Pivot3’s vast experience in the high-performance datacenter software market, I think that we’re really going to enable customers to be more intelligent about their infrastructure than ever before.

MB – Gentlemen, thank you for the insight, let’s get back to the keynotes.

You can find out more on how Pivot3 and Milestone are working together to create an intelligent world by reading the Milestone/Pivot3 solution brief and let us know how you’re proposing to employ analytics in your surveillance environment!



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