Pivot3 Wins EMA’s

February 23, 2017

EMA recently released its 2016 Radar Report for All-Flash Storage, which empirically compared 11 vendors against a broad range of measurements to determine overall product strengths and cost efficiencies. We’re proud to say that when it comes to quality service (QoS), Pivot3 outranked all other vendors and won the award for most comprehensive QoS capability.

So why did we win?

Most QoS solutions don’t go the extra mile to offer true, policy-based management that guarantees performance to all your applications. Pivot3’s dynamic capabilities are especially useful in multi-tenant environments where multiple users or business units share the same system resources.

Pivot3’s Dynamic QoS expands beyond the simple setting of mins and maxes, and dynamically prioritizes and allocates resources to ensure that all aspects of your SLAs are met. Dynamic QoS is not only valuable in shared storage arrays, but is also key to hyperconverged infrastructures being deployed in areas where traditional SANs have previously supported a diverse set of multiple mixed-application workloads. This comprehensive nature of Pivot3’s QoS earned it the winner of the Most Comprehensive QoS.

Download the report to learn more about Pivot3’s comprehensive approach to QoS and the innovation that makes it truly dynamic.

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