VMWorld Barcelona 2017 Roundup

September 19, 2017 Sam Chapman

Another year, and another VMWorld Europe done!

Many thanks to the several hundred folks that stopped by our booth to have a conversation about how Pivot3 HCI can enable a smarter, faster and simpler datacenter, and thanks also to the several hundred more that stopped by and donned Pivot3 t-shirts for the chance to win Star Wars Drones too!

However, VMworld isn’t all about parties, drones and elaborate booth designs, it’s a great opportunity to interact with folks from all walks of IT life and many different markets and hear the topics that are top of their mind.  The three major themes I came across were:

  1. HCI is becoming mainstream – This year, everyone had heard of HCI, knew a bit about the concept and what it could bring, and many conversations were about how HCI vendors differentiated themselves in the market.
  2. Customers have gained confidence in HCI through tactical deployments – Customers are now beginning to look for next-generation HCI capabilities, like handling multiple, mixed datacenter workloads without vastly over-provisioning performance, automation, and the ability to scale to thousands of VMs.
  3. Cloud is still a destination on the datacenter journey – And not many people have left the house yet!  A lot of folks were tinkering with the idea of workloads in the cloud, and the most forward thinking had tried a few up there, but no one I spoke with had deployed multiple workloads … just yet

I’m sure that none of these themes are new to any of the readers of this blog, and hopefully, the messages are similar to how you feel about, or view HCI.  It shows that we have a pretty good finger on the pulse of what our customers want “right now”.

One of the key aspects of my role within Pivot3 is to take the desires and wishes of our customers and feed them back into the Product Management team at Pivot3 HQ. This is to ensure that we are on the right track to not only satisfy the needs and wants of our customer base now, but begin building the products that are going to satisfy those needs in the future, whether that’s three or five years from now.  Even when our customers haven’t quite figured out what those needs are just yet!

This gives VMWorld Europe an added importance in what every vendor does – and that is to see what every other HCI vendor is doing and talking about, whether they are complimentary or competitive.  This year was no different, and I found the following three major themes to be the most prominent among the HCI vendors at the show:

  1. Automation and Control – Whether it’s the automation of tasks within the HCI platform, like the auto-creation and provisioning of a datastore or allowing an external tool to automate certain tasks within the HCI platform.
  2. Infrastructure and Application Integration – Interoperability is a key consideration for any new deployment – the old days of “Rip and Replace” infrastructure are long gone.  Vendors are starting to become more cognizant of that.
  3. Cloud – Vendors have recognized that cloud is here to stay. And the battle has truly begun to provide the ability to seamlessly move and migrate workloads betwixt and between.

And in that respect, Pivot3 is no different.  I was lucky enough to spend time with the great folks of vBrownBag and discuss the directions in which Pivot3 sees the industry going.

Check out my vBrownBag TechTalk on Intelligence and Choice – Moving to an Autonomous Cloud here:

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