[Solution Brief] Optimize Your Splunk and Big Data Deployments with Pivot3

With Pivot3, enterprises can achieve market-leading performance for their Splunk and Big Data environments while slashing footprint, reducing VM sprawl and simplifying administration. Its multi-tier architecture that combines NVMe PCIe Flash Datapath with advanced QoS delivers superior indexing and search performance while providing cost-effective storage for large data sets. Further, the QoS drastically simplifies ongoing operational workflows with a policy-based way for applying, scheduling and modifying performance priorities for Splunk data buckets. Pivot3 offers the next-generation policy-based platform for optimizing Splunk and Big Data deployments in a simple, scalable, cost-effective manner.

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[Solution Brief] Pivot3 Cloud Edition for AWS
[Solution Brief] Pivot3 Cloud Edition for AWS

The Pivot3 Cloud Edition software running in Amazon Web Services (AWS) features an Intelligence Engine that...