[Blog] Six key factors to delivering "evolutionary" HCI solutions

April 20, 2017

Smarter Hyperconverged Infrastructure: Six key factors to delivering "evolutionary" HCI solutions

According to Gartner, we are entering the next phase of hyperconvergence, which will be defined by solutions that deliver continuous application delivery and continuous economic optimization.

In order to achieve this, I&O leaders should be looking for hyperconverged solutions that deliver rapid set up times, provisioning and deployment, along with enhanced features like Quality of Service, in order to speed business response to market and customer needs. These solutions should also adapt to changing resource demands with real-time management of resources, predictable scale-out, and more software-defined capabilities to parallel IaaS offerings.

To quote the report: “Ultimately, the underlying infrastructure disappears to become a malleable utility under the control of software intelligence (that is, infrastructure as code), automated to enable IT as a service (ITaaS) to business, consumer, developer and enterprise operations.”

Let’s focus on the word “intelligence” for a minute – the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills. Pivot3’s patented technology has been ahead of its time since its inception. As the market caught up to our technological evolution, we adapted alongside business needs and today are considered an industry leader.  A lot of hyperconverged and integrated systems vendors talk about being revolutionary, but as Gartner points out, development and growth is an evolutionary process, not revolutionary, because progress relies on innovation and technological advances as well as the relationships we build with customer and partner alike.

There’s a lot of chatter about IT’s transition to the software-defined data center. At Pivot3, we understand that while a SDDC might be further down on your company’s roadmap, getting there is about making an investment in an architecture that supports your existing environment today and as it evolves to become more software-defined. Pivot3 does that by providing smarter infrastructure solutions.

Just what makes our infrastructure smarter? Here are six key features that make Pivot3 an industry leader and the right choice for the future of your business:

  1. Scalar Erasure Coding – Patented data protection that delivers high availability and the highest storage utilization in the industry.
  2. Distributed Scale-Out Architecture – Storage and compute resources from each hyperconverged node are made available to all VMs and applications for maximum performance at scale.
  3. Efficient Operating Environment – Optimized for minimum resource consumption, vSTAC OS bypasses the hypervisor for superior storage performance to support more applications.
  4. Dynamic QoS – Policy-based quality of service engine ensures predictable, guaranteed performance and protection for applications based on business priority.
  5. Simplified Management – Based on VMware vSphere, management is made easy via a vCenter Plug-in for single-pane-of-glass management of HCI and flash arrays from one console.
  6. Flexible Deployment Options – Multiple platforms and form factors available for HCI deployment and seamless integration of existing servers, storage and applications.

For a more in-depth look at how we do it, watch the video below:


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