Podcast: Making Hyperconvergence Mainstream

September 14, 2017 Sam Chapman


Part 1 of a 2 Part Podcast by Technalysis Research and Pivot3

Everyone in enterprise IT is talking digital transformation these days. Conversations around the idea that some combination of digital technologies can help make almost any company more efficient, more capable and better adapted to the rapidly changing business world remain at a fairly high level and don’t give much meaningful detail about how to achieve these attractive goals. In other words, they can lack substance, in part because getting into the details can be a bit messy.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are some practical, concrete steps that IT organizations can take to bring the kind of computing flexibility, simplicity, and power that can put some real meaning into a digital transformation.

Chief among them is to build out more of their datacenters with, and move more of their application workloads onto, a hyperconverged infrastructure. From a pure technology perspective, there’s little question that hyperconverged infrastructure represents the future of the datacenter.

Some analyst estimates have hyperconverged representing as much as 15 percent of datacenter hardware in just a few years, others are much higher. The only real question that remains is how quickly organizations will choose to make the move. With the removal of one of the last key barriers to more widespread adoption for HCI – the ability to prioritize workloads – it seems that now is the time to start giving it serious consideration.

Bob O’Donnell, Chief Analyst at Technalysis Research, recently sat down with Pivot3 CEO Ron Nash to discuss digital transformation, the mainstreaming of hyperconvergence and how a platform’s ability to not only support multiple mixed workloads, including business- and mission-critical, but also intelligently prioritize workloads, legitimizes that platform’s ability to facilitate real digital transformation.

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